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(1)Yonsei Cancer Hospital

A small university hospital in Severance Hospital ... New paradigm of cancer treatment


Korea's Best Cancer Hospital, located within the Severance Hospital, 13 Cancer Centers Operated, Consultation available with Cancer Patients, Introduction of Intensive Care Unit, Intractable Cancer Treatment for Lung Cancer, Liver Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer, 225 Overseas Physicians in 47 Countries. In 2016, there were 6,233 overseas patients from 40 countries including the United States, Russia, and China.

Yonsei Cancer Hospital has grown to the size of a single university hospital in 3 years after opening in 2016 with medical revenues approaching 400 billion won. The average number of outpatients from January to March 2017 is 2017, and the average number of surgeries per day was 58, showing a 25% and 52% increase from 2014 respectively. This result shows that Yonsei Cancer Hospital, which has grown into one of the best cancer hospitals in the country is the result of the medical treatment of the other cancer hospitals in Severance Hospital.

Yonsei Cancer Hospital 's remarkable quantitative growth is due to system improvement and service improvement. 13 new cancer centers with enhanced treatment expertise, 5 specialized centers from cancer prevention to post-treatment management, and 'Best Team' treatment for multidisciplinary treatments. They are also implementing a ‘3 low 3 high' policy that lowers pain, latency, anxiety, and greatly increases the best medical staff, state-of-the-art equipment, accurate, friendly explanations, and new patient experiences. In 2016, JCI certification ratings were maintained, and the NCSI (National Customer Satisfaction Index) ranked the hospital No. 1 for 6 consecutive years.


The growth of Yonsei Cancer Hospital also appears in the overseas sector. Kazakhstan, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, China, the United States, including 40 countries visited, there were 6,233 overseas patients in 2016, and 225 overseas doctors from 47 countries were trained to experience advanced medical technology and systems at Yonsei Cancer Hospital, and the location of Global Yonsei Cancer Hospital.

(2)National Cancer Center Hospital

World-class cancer treatment service, excellent liver transplantation


Korea National Cancer Center, Korea Cancer Expert International College of Cancer, Cancer, Lung Cancer, Liver Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, Breast Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Special Cancer, Pediatric Cancer and Hematologic Cancer, including 11 centers. Introduction of proton therapy machine, Cancer intensive cancer screening.

The National Cancer Center Hospital, which celebrates its 16th anniversary this year, offers world-class cancer treatment services with state-of-the-art medical equipment such as PET / CT, MRI and DaVinci surgical robots for effective cancer diagnosis and treatment. It has 11 disease-related treatment centers and 5 function-based treatment centers. It integrates and specializes treatments for each type of cancer, contributing to lowering cancer incidence and mortality rate among the people. In particular, the proton therapy device, which was introduced for the first time in Korea with 48 billion won in 2007, is excellent in its therapeutic effect and is called the "dream cancer treatment device" because it has little radiation side effects. Since September 2015, health care coverage for proton therapy has expanded and more patients are benefiting.


The National Cancer Center Liver Transplant team has a particularly good surgical outcome, with close to 700 liver transplantation success rates at 100%. They have developed many surgical procedures and operated a biopsy on the oldest patient, age 76, through a minimal incision method during the biopsy, and reported the results to the world's academic journals several times. It has been evaluated that it has improved the quality of life of both transplant donors and beneficiaries by recording the shortest operation time published and recording excellent results regarding the number of days after transplantation and postoperative complications. In addition, in order to improve the quality of life for patients with terminal cancer, the hospice palliative care unit was opened in March 2015 and was designated as a hospice palliative care specialist in July 2015.

(3)Hanyang University Hospistal for Rheumatic Disease

Worldwide Rheumatology Treatment 4th Hospital ... Mecca of treatment of intractable disease


In 1998, Rheumatism Hospital opened 'Hanyang University Rheumatology Hospital', Lupus, Systemic rheumatic disease, Patients with refractory arthritis, Supported by the Korean government, 'Rheumatoid arthritis Clinical Research Center', excellent introduction of new drugs for rheumatic diseases.

Hanyang University Hospistal for Rheumatic Disease was started in 1989 as a department of rheumatic medicine, and it played a role of leading the concept of 'rheumatic disease' in Korea. In May 1998, Rheumatism Hospital of Hanyang University, a specialist hospital for rheumatic diseases, opened with the request of patients and medical staff for more specialized treatment for rheumatic diseases.

Special efforts were needed to make a specific department into a hospital. Efforts to transform the operation-oriented treatment of rheumatic diseases into internal medicine continued. In particular, the concept of disease was not even clear, rare diseases such as lupus, ankylosing spondylitis, myositis, adult-type steel disease, scleroderma and subdivision into a clinic in the hospital provides a highly stable treatment.


In addition, organic coordination between the rehabilitation medicine department, pain medicine department, orthopedic surgery department and radiology department for 'one-stop medical care' was very helpful for improving patient satisfaction.

Now, in addition to the existing rheumatology research institute, they have expanded the clinical research center in the hospital to create a hospital with balanced medical care and research. "Hospital of Hanyang University, Rheumatism Hospital, plays a role as the fourth hospital as a mecca for the characterization of diseases and treatment of intractable diseases. They will maintain their position as a core hospital in Asia through close cooperation and networking with countries around the world. "

(4)Kyung Hee University Medical Center

A New Therapeutic Paradigm Found Through Cooperation


2014, and 2015. It has five medical departments: Medicine, Dentistry, Oriental Medicine, Pharmacy, and Nursing. It has established a new collaborative system for medical, dental and oriental medicine for 40 years, Advanced medical research such as precision medicine, regenerative medicine, cancer, geriatric disease

Since its opening in 1971, Kyung Hee University Medical Center has been trying to improve the 'patient treatment performance' through the combination of medicine with the East and the West. In particular, based on the infrastructure of Kyung Hee University, which has five medical fields of medicine, dentistry, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing, Kyung Hee University Medical Center has established a new collaborative system of medicine, dentistry and oriental medicine, leading the medical environment during the last 40 years.

In 2015, Kyunghee University Hospital was certified as a 2-cycle medical institution by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. The Oriental Hospital and the Dental Hospital were also certified in 2014, making it the only medical institution in Korea to be certified as the only medical hospital, dental hospital and oriental medicine hospital. In particular, the 'collaborative system' of Kyung Hee University Medical Center, which has the special features of each of the three hospitals at the present time, is changing the paradigm of treatment with 'Precision Medicine' which is aimed at customized treatment for individual patients.


This is because, in a series of treatments such as the cause of disease, symptoms, and

complications, the patient can increase the choice of treatment and quality of care and receive various treatments as a one stop service from one medical institution. As a result of this, Kyung Hee University Medical Center was actively selected as an institution for the joint pilot project of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in July 2016.

(5)Mediplex Sejong Hospital International Medical Center

Korea's first and only 'Medical Complex' ... National Medical Center for Foreign Patients


Overseas Patient-Oriented Medical Brands International brand launched in 2017, introduction of Sejong Hospital's international medical treatment system, brain cardiovascular, Han Gil An Center, Seoul Women's Center, comprehensive medical care for complex diseases, and more than 30 medical institutions in China, Russia, And exchange cooperation

Mediflex Sejong Hospital opened on March 2. Mediflex is the first and the only 'Medical Complex' in Korea, which is a combination of 'Medicine', which means medicine, and 'Complex', which means complex, and introduced various specialized hospital systems such as Han Gil An Center and Seoul Women's Center. In addition to the field of cerebral and vascular surgery, it has a system of proven systems in various fields such as obstetrics and gynecology, and has an innovative system that ensures the quality of medical care and provides the best medical services to domestic patients as well as overseas patients.

MediPlex Sejong Hospital International Medical Center has been expanding to the world with a more systematic system based on the international medical treatment system of Sejong Hospital of Korea, which has attracted about 15,200 patients from 2009 when the foreign patients were officially launched in Korea. I plan to go out. Sejong Hospital was opened as the first international medical ward in 2010 and was awarded the Ministry of Justice's "Ministry of Justice Medical Tourism Promotion Agency" in 2014 and received the citation for "Gyeonggi Province Governor's International Medical Care Project" in 2015.


Incheon has the best conditions to develop into a medical hub in Asia geographically. We plan to develop as an 'Asian medical hub' through the linkage of specialized facilities for foreigners and medical facilities through the specialization centers such as the Han Gil Eye Center and the Seoul Women's Center and expect to build an international brand image of Sejong Hospital.

(6)Serran Hospital

The 30th anniversary of the establishment, the global comprehensive health examination center popularity


Minimize waiting time from changing room to inspection. All patient medical records integrated data management, precise and safe screening in conjunction with 13 departments, HD endoscopy, low-dose 128ch CT, minimizing claustrophobia, 5T MRI, high-quality ultrasound system, hotel room accommodation check, English, Russian and Chinese medical interpretation Resident

Serran Hospital, the representative general hospital in Korea, has celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. Seran Hospital currently operates 13 specialty medical fields, and in May last year, it opened a global comprehensive health checkup center with two floors and 1,000 pyung of new buildings.

Thirty years of clinical know-how, Serran Hospital's General Health Check-up Center introduced the latest RFID system that guides patients in real time, making it easy to proceed from the dressing room to the examination, minimizing the waiting time for patients. In addition, all patients' medical records are managed as integrated data, and precise and safe screening is possible in connection with 13 departments in the hospital. If an abnormality is found during the examination, the patient can receive treatment from a specialist in each department and establishes a 24-hour emergency medical system.


Examination equipment is also optimized. It has state-of-the-art equipment such as high-end HD endoscopy, low-dose 128ch CT, 1.5T MRI that can minimize obstruction and quick examination, and high-resolution ultrasound system. By streamlining the screening process, unnecessary manpower and resources are wasted, while the cost of screening has been reasonably adjusted. Interpretable professional medical tour team staffs are available and accommodation check-ups are available in 5-star hotel-class rooms.

(7)Nanoori Hospital

Proven orthodontic treatment and patient-centered care


Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare for 2 consecutive times designated as spine special hospital, first specialized medical hospital medical device, medical device clinical trial institute, designation of first class hospital for antibiotics, center of spinal endoscopy, initial invasive surgery, spinal deformity surgery, spinal reconstruction, scoliosis total care for spinal diseases from the young to the elderly.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare for two consecutive times designated the hospital with Nanoori Hospital (Chairman Jang Iltae) for providing the best treatment outcomes for patients under the principle of "treating patients as authentic and validated procedures' since opening in 2003. Efforts in Nanoori hospital is the Seoul region's first specialized hospital with two periods of successive medical certificates. The specialty hospitals first sikyak drug processing medical devices, pharmaceuticals trials agencies simultaneous selection. First-class hospitals with specialized antibiotics are growing.

The hospital has a patient-tailored medical treatment with medically proven treatment and surgery, and a reasonable medical system. In addition to the initial invasive surgery, a high-level spinal deformity surgery and spinal reconstruction are provided, focusing on minimizing the patient's pain and burden. In addition to the treatment, the hospital improves medical services based on patient experience in hospitalized life, and carries out a patient-centered hospital culture. By introducing a nursing care integrated service ward that reduces the burden of care takers and caregivers during the hospitalization period, the patient can receive 24-hour nursing care and care for professional nursing staff.


The efforts of the Nanoori hospital for patients can also be found in spinal studies. The symposium commemorating the inauguration of the hospital itself and the symposium on spinal endoscopy have contributed to the improvement of the quality of spinal medicine.

(8)Baro Hospital

Designed joint hospital specialized in Ministry of Health and Welfare equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities


Special nasal surgery in the field of knee, shoulder, hand, foot, rehabilitation center, endoscopic surgery, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, reduction of MRI and artificial joint surgery cost, China, Russia, Vietnam, etc.

Baro Hospital is composed of 11 floors above ground, 1 underground floor, and 145 beds. It is equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities suitable for the international city of Incheon and has a professor from the professor and a total of 15 specialists. It is a specialized joint hospital for the Ministry of Health and Welfare. The hospital has a special nonsurgical and rehabilitation center for knee, shoulder, hand, and foot, and has published research papers on shoulder diaphysis endoscopic surgery and double-strand anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.

In particular, Baro Hospital has a strong position in the field of shoulder surgery, and since it opened in October 2009, it has exceeded 1,000 cases of shoulder disease surgery in 2012 and now it is close to 4000 cases. 80 ~ 100 cases are undergoing endoscopic surgery. In addition, nerve block, which is a non - surgical treatment for the disc, has received more than 1300 ~ 1,500 cases per month and has received favorable response from many patients.


Through the 'Vision 2020', the hospital is doing its utmost to win regional and mutual benefit with customers. The cost of non-paying medical treatment has been drastically improved, thereby lowering the cost of MRI and artificial joint surgery. Baro Hospital said, "I promise to treat patients with heartfelt hospitality so that we can hear the words 'warm hospitals' and 'sincere hospitals.'”

(9)Kangbuk Yonsei Sarang Hospital

Customized treatment with knee joint and biosensor


3rd Generation Personalized Artificial Arthroplasty using Biosensor, Lumbar Disc, Spinal Stenosis, Bilateral Spine, Surgical Assistive Device Biosensor, Organized joint / spine specialist from Yonsei Severance Hospital, self joint conservation, rehabilitation treatment, endoscopic, non-incisional ligament repair characterization

Established in 2009, Kangbuk Yonsei Sarang Hospital is made up of joints and spine specialists from Severance, Yonsei University, and has a reputation as a joint and spine hospital that people from other regions believe. In April 2016, they expanded and transferred the latest MRI and expanded the medical courses to internal medicine, health screening center, and canal treatment. The joint and spinal total care system, which supports both joints and spinal procedures as well as rehabilitation and postoperative management, is the strength of this hospital.

In the field of joints, Kangbuk Yonsei Sarang Hospital has solved the problem of precise insertion of artificial joints and soft tissue imbalance by performing 3rd generation customized artificial joint replacement using biosensors. In the spine field, the results are similar to patients who had undergone spinal endoscopy. In the foot center, a non-incisional ligament suture, an effective treatment for chronic instability of the lateral ligament of the ankle joint, is performed. Post-operative pain is less and there is less joint adhesion, allowing for quick rehabilitation.


Kangbuk Yonsei Sarang Hospital is practicing various social contribution activities such as love artificial joint surgery, Chuncheon and Inje military medical service, Mongolian patient artificial joint surgery, and health lecture in community after opening.

(10)Gipum Hospital

Self-developed 'Uninfected Scleral Hernia Surgery' as Korea's No.1 Hernia Center


The most frequent hernia surgery in Korea, hernia surgery without artificial membranes, local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia, operation time 20 min, no fasting during hernia repair, only 0.4% recurrence rate of hernia, 232 cases of foreign hernia surgery in 22 countries, Worldwide popularity

Kang Yoon-sik,  was the first in Korea to open a hernia specialty center. The Gipum Hospital that he leads has performed the largest number of hernia surgeries in Korea from December 2005 to March of 11,834. In the title of the first Korean hernia center, Kang had developed a 'no artificial hernia repair'.

'Unscleral hernia surgery' is currently free from various side effects because most hospitals in Korea do not use any membranes used for hernia surgery at all. The recurrence rate is very low, from 2 ~ 5% to 0.4%, when the perforation causes the hole to be closed directly. In addition, since surgery is performed by local anesthesia rather than general anesthesia, it can be safely received even if customers are old or have chronic disease. Earlier this year patients that were 100 years old and 103 years old were safe in operation. So far, 232 foreigners from 22 countries have received this operation. This is a result achieved without an overseas agent, suggesting that the surgery for uninjured scleral hernia has a global competitiveness.


Kang Yoon-sik has won the "Korea-America Health Care Award" awarded last year for medical service and social contribution, and promised to sponsor 250 million won for five years every year on March 30th, 50,000 every year. The Seoul National University Hospital Surgical Alumni Association, which is headed by President Kang, received an award from the Ministry of Health and Welfare in recognition of his support for the relief of medical burdens of refugees and the settlement of the South Korean society in December last year.

(11)Hee Yeon Medical Foundation-Hee Yeon Hospital

"Respect for everyone's life" ... Mecca of old Korean medical care


Open Wet Dressing Therapy (OPWT) for the first time in Korea Hospital, the first hospital in Korea Hospital, the implementation of OPWT (Open Wet Dressing Therapy), shortening of treatment period, rapid rehabilitation, Asia's largest 800-pyeong spacious and comfortable rehabilitation treatment room, visiting rush for system benchmarking

The Korea Foundation's first elderly medical care and social welfare facility complex is a mecca for elderly Koreans based on the ideology and philosophy of "respect for the lives of all." Hee Yeon Medical Foundation Hee Yeon Hospital declared the abolition of physical restraint of patients for the first time in Korea and implemented rehabilitation for 365 days for the first time in Korea. Hee Yeon Hospital does not control the patient's movements, such as tying the patient's hands and feet to bed, or putting on space suits, mittens, or wheelchair lapboards for quality care for dignity as a human being.

In addition, under the motto 'Numbness of nurses', the pressure of pressure ulcers is 0%. A team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians, dental hygienists, and social workers teamed up with each other to exchange individual patient information through team approach and first introduced OPWT, Japan's treatment for pressure ulcers. is. The treatment period, which took 1-2 years, was shortened by 3 to 6 months, and the treatment was effective. Visits and clinical applications of nursing hospitals and medical institutions all over the country are continuing.


 Hee Yeon Hospital has 4 rehabilitation specialists and 100 professional rehabilitation therapists. It is the first hospital in Korea to do 365 days of rehabilitation. It is aimed to return patients with nervous system injuries as soon as possible before their onset. Asia's largest 800-pyeong spacious comfortable rehabilitation treatment room is located right in front of the patient's room, and it is encouraging the patient's medical treatment.

(12)Daejeon Wellness Hospital

One of the earliest recovery and full-time rehabilitation services


100 rehabilitation therapists and professional medical staff Specialized medical treatment for neurological diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, pain diseases, cancer diseases, geriatric chronic diseases specialization of rehabilitation therapy, internet convergence for intelligent rehabilitation medical device development, for scar removal and skin regeneration in cancer and musculoskeletal patients Operation of 'Scar Laser Clinic'

Daejeon Wellness Hospital is specialized in rehabilitation medical services to solve the problems of aging populations and common degenerative chronic diseases such as brain diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, pain diseases, cancer diseases and geriatric chronic diseases which are common in Asian countries. On the other hand, they are developing various medical contents that can maintain health even in daily life, and intelligent rehabilitation medical devices that are fused with things Internet for patients with disabilities.

In December 2016, we opened the 'day care ward' and 'dispatch class' with the support of Daejeon Metropolitan City. They opened the 'Scar Laser Clinic' for scar removal and skin regeneration for cancer patients and musculoskeletal surgery patients. Since 2015, they have been actively exchanging information with key personnel from ASEAN national governmental organizations and companies such as China and Malaysia for the advancement into overseas markets. They have been consulting on professional rehabilitation treatment systems, facilities and equipments based on various experiences of rehabilitation medical services for many years. In addition, they participate in the medical complex project with rehabilitation hospital and nursing facility.


 Kim Chul-jun, the hospital director of Daejeon Wellness Hospital, won the commendation of the Minister of Health and Welfare for his contribution to the development of rehabilitation medicine at home and abroad at the 5th KOREA HEATHCARE in November 2014. "The goal is to create the most rehabilitative medical hospitals and rehabilitation total solution health care companies in Asia by fostering the health care field with the theme of 'rehabilitation' and 'health'."

(13)Saenarae Hospital

Accurate diagnosis through collaboration, neck and shoulder pain


Gwangju shoulder joint, neck, professional shoulder detail consultation, "healthcare professional quality of service 'motto, browse neck exact cause of shoulder pain treatment, comfortable hospital environment, diagnosis and surgery, to rehabilitation of patient-centered care, and higher patient satisfaction Gwangju Social word of mouth

Gwangju Saenarae Hospital is a hospital that specializes in treatment of neck and shoulder pain, which is a chronic disease of modern people. The general public tend to think of neck discs as a sore throat, and shoulder problems as simple aches. Of course this is not entirely wrong, but you can not dissect your neck and shoulder pain with a simple dichotomy. Throat and shoulder pain are caused by various causes, but there are many cases in which amenorrhea is treated without accurate diagnosis.

Saenarae Hospital specializes in finding and treating the exact cause of neck and shoulder pain in the patient through consultation with a neck and shoulder specialist. The effort to find the root cause of the pain can be confirmed by the placement of the outpatient clinic. Most hospitals are divided into neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery, so there is a disadvantage that not only the communication between the medical staff but also the patient's movement is long.


However, Saenarae Hospital has eliminated the distinction from the medical treatment and arranged the neck and shoulder office together, through this cooperation, we are in the process of accurate diagnosis and treatment. Patients' satisfaction with treatment is high. Such a commitment by professionals can be said to be a sign of the direction of Saenarae Hospital, which considers patients first.

(14)Seegene Medical Foundation

One-day inspection system, early diagnosis `prompt treatment


It has over 4,000 tests including internationally recognized disease diagnosis institutions, diagnostic medical tests, molecular diagnostic tests, diagnostic pathology tests, automated cutting-edge diagnostic systems, one-day testing system, diagnostic testing services for clinical treatment and research, Provide test results to lawmakers in one day

The Seegene Medical Foundation (Chairman Chun Jong Kee) has the most advanced diagnosis and inspection automation system based on the expertise of molecular diagnostic technology. Based on these specialized technologies and equipment, Seegene Medical Foundation has established a one-day inspection system that provides test results in a day, which is a driving force for high-quality diagnostic testing services such as early diagnosis and prompt treatment.

The Seegene Medical Foundation, which celebrates its 27th anniversary this year, conducts more than 4,000 surveys across all areas, including diagnostic tests, molecular diagnostic tests, and diagnostic pathology tests. In addition, medical services and medical services are provided to the underprivileged and vulnerable areas at home and abroad, thus fulfilling its role as a social contribution company.


Chairman Chun Jong Kee said, "The Foundation has provided a specialized one-day inspection system to provide patients with accurate and excellent diagnostic testing services." As a leader in Korea's leading diagnostic testing field in China, Southeast Asia and other overseas medical markets, "We will be a global disease testing organization pursuing quality perfection through continuous clinical research and education as well as trust and satisfaction."

(15)Sokpyunhan Internal Medical Clinic

Synonymous with the treatment of digestive ... Endoscopy and colonoscopy specialization


A total of 200 medical staff from 36 gastrointestinal endoscopy specialists in Korea, and a total of 200 medical staff from Korea have been selected to perform endoscopic and ultrasound examinations, gastrointestinal endoscopy, colonoscopy, polyps resection, Intramuscular, polypectomy, biliary stone lithotripsy

Sokpyunhan Internal Medical Clinic is a specialist in gastroenterology and endoscopy specializing in endocrinology. Since September 2000, there are about 200 medical staff at 36 branches nationwide. Sokpyunhan Internal Medical Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment such as endoscopic and ultrasound tests and the same day polyps resection. The gastrointestinal endoscopic clinic and general examination center here are comparable to university hospitals. The clinic is a clinic-experienced endoscopist who uses the latest endoscopes for direct examination and treatment.

The comprehensive screening center systematically examines major cancers such as stomach cancer, colon cancer, and liver cancer, and chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes which occur in Korea. Especially, since they have received a big favorable response by constructing a one-stop system that can receive 'consultation - examination - treatment - explanation' on the same day. Colonoscopy can be done easily by removing the polyps found during colonoscopy on the same day by polypectomy.


 Esophageal stent implantation, polypectomy, biliary stones lithotripsy, etc. Sokpyunhan Internal Medical Clinic is composed of a large number of medical staffs from universities and specialized hospitals. They share the rich clinical experience and medical know-how through regular meetings and participate in lectures at local endoscopy seminars.

(16)OK Internal Medicine

Quick and accurate inspection, friendly treatment ... Famous Heart Clinic


Diagnosis of heart disease, such as the latest cardiac ultrasound, exercise load test, holter test, event recorder, carotid ultrasound, maxillofacial atherosclerosis test, heart test, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, heart valve disease, quick and detailed examination. Prompt treatment in connection with university hospital

OK Internal Medicine is a cardiology clinic that diagnoses and treats heart diseases such as angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, and heart valve disease. It opened in 2003 in Seoul Eunpyeong District with the vision of 'healing, recovery and hope'. OK Internal medicine is the primary medical institution, but it is easy to visit and receive a professional cardiac examination in a short time. Particularly detailed and friendly, he pursues holistic healing through professional counseling and employee education.

OK Internal Medicine is used for the diagnosis of various heart diseases such as angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, and heart valve as well as adult diseases such as hypertension, dyslipidemia and diabetes (lifestyle diseases), Carotid ultrasound, and upper and lower atherosclerosis. In case emergency treatment or surgery is needed, they have established a system that can be treated promptly in connection with Shinchon Severance Hospital, Korea University Anam Hospital, Kangbuk Samsung Hospital and so on.

In addition, many community hospitals and clinics have a system for cooperating with community hospitals, such as requesting cardiac surveillance.


Dr. Lee Su Jin of Internal Medicine Department was a cardiologist of OK Internal Medicine, a clinical lecturer in cardiology, Korea University Medical Center, a cardiologist at Seoul Red Cross Hospital, and a vice chairman of cardiology. He teaches students as adjunct professors and clinical supervisors at major medical schools and hospitals.

(17)We Comfortable Internal Medicine

The top of the stomach ... Digestive Health Checkup & Obesity Clinic


FDA balloon diet, gastrointestinal medical obesity treatment, US FDA primary obesity treatment, simultaneous operation of health checkup and obesity clinic, Dental balloon end ball supplier France Dali Dasa, Asia end ball most treatment, overseas Expected to visit obesity patients

We Comfortable Internal in Seoul Yeouido is widely known as a gastric balloon obesity treatment in Korea and abroad. We Comfortable Internal is a clinic that runs the internal health checkup and the obesity clinic together. "Our obesity is directly related to adult diseases and metabolic syndrome, and it makes social life such as depression and self-esteem difficult, and gradually we are gradually looking for gastric balloon obesity treatment."

The upper balloon diet through the gastrointestinal stomach with a certain volume of balloons by quickly filling the balloon to reduce the intake of food. The most important principle of diet is to eat less and move a lot. Already in Europe and South America, he has been recognized for the safety and efficiency through his experience of more than 10 years of treatment. The US FDA also recognized it as a primary obesity treatment. Abdominal obesity surgery is a diet that is bulimic or environmental factors that can not reduce the amount of diet can not reduce my own will or drug treatment, such as reducing the amount of obesity patients to reduce the overall weight loss to help restore health to be.


We Comfortable Internal director Lee Kwang-gyun has developed a somewhat unusual gastric balloon diet in Korea and has opened a cage for treatment of domestic obesity. As of 2017, the largest balloon end ball in Korea and Asia has been recognized by Dali Dasai, the supplier of balloons in Asia. Recently, they are looking for We Comfortable Internal in order to receive the balloon treatment in Asia and overseas.

(18)Gangnam Gwon Obstetrics & Gynecology Clinic

Hysterectomy for uterine leiomyosarcoma with incision and anesthesia


(HIFU) procedure of myomatous non-invasive method, myoma, submucosal myoma, and hysterectomy according to the location of the uterine myoma. Combined use of laparoscopic surgery

Many women are suffering from menstrual cramps, but they often turn away. However, if the menstrual cramps get worse and prolonged menstrual period, pelvic pain, and other abnormal symptoms, it is better to have a test for myoma. There are many different methods of treating uterine leiomyoma, but in recent years, non - invasive high - throughput (HIFU) procedures have been popular for the safe treatment of myoma without incision or hysterectomy using high - intensity ultrasound.

Nevertheless, depending on the location of the uterine leiomyoma, laparoscopic surgery or choosing a combination of the treatment is effective. Myoma and submucosal myomas, which account for about 80% of uterine myoma, can be easily treated without incision or anesthesia through 5th generation hyperplasia. Subarachnoid uterine leiomyoma arising from the outside of the uterus should be removed by laparoscopic surgery after necrosis of the myoma through the hypoplasia. It is effective to receive laparoscopic surgery in cases of leukemic leiomyoma that protrudes out of the uterus.


Gwon Yong-il, a gynecologist and obstetrician of Gangnam Gwon Obsterics & Gynecology Clinic said, "Depending on the type of uterine myoma, it is effective and safe to treat different types of treatment such as high furosurgery and laparoscopic surgery, so the choice of medical staff including laparoscopic surgery, It is important, "he advised.

(19)Joeun Women‘s Clinic (formerly Cho Young Youl Obstetrics and Gynecology)

35 years Career gynecological treatment, the latest non-surgical treatment popular


Introduced PRO-HIFU, non-invasive treatment, special immunity enhancement treatment, introduction of premium system high-frequency hyperthermia treatment, and introduction of photodynamic therapy (PDT) for non-invasive uterine cancer.

Joeun Women‘s Clinic, who opened in 1983, is a female specialist hospital with 35 years of history. At the heart of it is Dr. Cho Young Youl, who has spent many years on clinical research for over 35 years and has been studying and making efforts only for the health of women through the training activities at home and abroad.

Recently, we introduced PRO HIFU, a non-surgical treatment, to treat uterine diseases safely without surgery. PRO High solve safety and efficacy of high-intensity ultrasound is harmless to the human body as a new medical technology who demonstrate the in vitro hip deep in the uterus (line) to the treatment of necrosis was only concentrated permeate fibroids, there is not incised wounds and bleeding 30 extra short the only treatment at a time, regardless of the size and number of tumors and the treatment time is possible. It is possible to conduct real-time conversation during the procedure without anesthesia, and it is possible to safely preserve the uterus, so that pregnancy and childbirth are possible.


The treatment of cervical cancer is the non-surgical treatment of photodynamic therapy (PDT). It is a state-of-the-art non-invasive treatment with laser (wavelength 670mm) rays that selectively remove cancerous tissue and has few complications or sequelae. In the early stage of uterine cancer and pre-uterine cancer, it is possible to repeat treatment unlike conventional treatment. In addition, it introduces the latest PRO Hi-Fu equipment, the university hospital grade precision ultrasonic equipment, and the premium whole body high-frequency hyperthermia treatment system to help the patient's quick treatment, recovery and healing, and also operates a women-specific examination system.

(20)NEON Orthopaedic clinic Center for shoulder, Elbow & Sports Medicine

World standard for shoulder-elbow treatment, overseas medical staff training rush


Dr. Park Jin-young - The world-renowned shoulder-elbow disease specialist, 170 or more shoulder-elbow joint specialists who are active in various universities and hospitals at home and abroad, over 120,000 patients, 10,000 cases of surgery, 150 domestic papers, 10 shoulder joints authored by a medical profession

NEON Orthopaedic clinic Center for shoulder, Elbow & Sports Medicine by, Director Park Jin-young who has worked 20 years as a professor at a university hospital, with expertise in international education and academic fields, opened in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea to contribute to the development of sports medicine. Park is a prominent world-renowned shoulder-elbow disease specialist who has written more than 120,000 patients, 10,000 treatments, 150 domestic and foreign papers and 10 medical texts, He trained 170 shoulder - elbow joint specialists.

In 2008, Park Jin-young announced his world-renowned "rotator cuff tear" and this surgery was announced to the Orthopedic Society of America, a reference book of global orthopedic surgeons in 2011, Of the rotator cuff tear procedure. During his tenure as chairman of the Korean dog-and-elbow association, Park has attracted the World Association of Bronchial Joints and the World Dog-Joint Therapist's Association in Korea, There is no question about enhancing the status of Korean medical technology by implementing the training program.


Neon orthopedic clinic, on the other hand, is also famous as a medical institution where sports athletes want to receive the most treatment. Park Jin-young was a doctor of the 2008 Beijing Olympic team, and he was introduced to the general public as one of the best sports medicine experts.

(21)Sunline Plastic Surgery Clinic

3rd grade molding hospital, China top class medical beauty institution


20 years of history, 3rd grade molding hospital in Shenyang, China, frequent exchanging of molding technology with Korean hospitals, many surgical methods and product lines recognized in China, many TV stars in China, equipped with emergency and safety equipment, leading Asian cosmetic beauty brand

Sunline Plastic Surgery Clinic is a leading plastic surgery clinic in China with a deep history over 20 years. On October 10, 2015 as a ‘3rd grade plastic surgery clinic. ‘The Admistrative Clinic of  Shenyang City, Shenyang City, has obtained the approval of the Health Promotion Committee of Shenyang City, and has become the leading medical beauty institution in China. In line with its reputation, there are many nationally recognized surgical fields and product lines among tens of thousands of medical institutions operating medical beauty industry all over China. Sunline Plastic Surgery Clinic is capable of performing all sophisticated plastic surgery.

It boasts the highest level of hygiene and safety. There are fewer than 10 plaques in the operating room of the hospital. This figure is even unique in Sunline Plastic Surgery Clinic with neurosurgery and organ transplant surgery grade level. The hospital has a high temperature sterilization system to ensure safe operation of patients. The hospital has good facilities, good physicians, good products and good management. It meets the expectation of patients who want 'beauty'.


Sunline Plastic Surgery Clinic has has been steadily exchanging and cooperating with Korea for the past 20 years and has developed its strength internally. Thanks to the molding technology of these medical personnel and the hospital's safety system, it has created one million people in China. Many of the beauty of popular entertainers who are active in Chinese TV today is a lot of works of Sunline Plastic Surgery Clinic. In the future, Sunline Plastic Surgery Clinic will continue to lead the beauty dreams of many people as a leading brand of Asian cosmetic beauty beyond China.

(22)Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic

The leader of molding Korean wave, 'Optimized foreign patient system'


5th award of Medical Asian 'Cosmetic Comprehensive Division', representative brand of Korean beauty molding, resident foreign coordinator such as Chinese, English, Japanese resident, foreign patient airport pickup service hotel reservation, 1 to 1 interpreter service, dedicated manager allocation, established 'Optimized Foreign Patient Dedicated System'

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic has specialized experience in the field of cosmetic surgery based on experience of about 30 specialists (eyes, nose, facial contour, body shape, etc.) and has specialized in eye / nose forming center, breast molding center, and safety anesthesia center. There are counseling room, operating room, treatment room, and hospital room on each floor. Coordination is available for all major languages ​​of foreign countries on all floors to provide the best global service to foreign customers.

Each field specialist (clinical pathologist, radiologist, anesthesiologist, emergency medical specialist, and paramedic) always has the expertise and safety to stand by. Patients are becoming more and more aware of the complicated procedures performed by the site specialists and the field specialists.


Now that Korea's medical tourism business has entered its third year, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic has opened its website in English, Chinese and Japanese in order to become a world-renowned plastic surgery hospital. It also offers reservations, hotel reservations and airport pick-up service. English, Chinese, and Japanese counselors arranged for each floor help foreign customers to communicate smoothly.

(23)Apgujeong Feel Plastic Surgery Clinic

Specialization of chest molding through navel, safe and quick recovery without scarring


 Kim Ing-gon, a professor at a university hospital, has a 30 years of experience in breast clinic clinic, scar less thoracic surgery, less pain, rapid recovery, touch, and safety of implants. Aesthetic beauty, but breastfeeding without worry about breastfeeding Sustained development, word of mouth overseas

Apgujeong Feel Plastic Surgery Clinic is a specialized hospital specialized in breast plastic surgery through the belly button. It is called 'navel breast molding'. This surgery is about 30 minutes, time is short, simple, and there is no worry about scar because the incision of the navel is fast because it is quick to return to daily life with less tissue damage.


In particular, breast enlargement does not just increase in size, but it is necessary to be cautious because side effects can affect health problems and future breastfeeding problems. If a side effect is caused by a wrong operation, a spherical shape of the chest becomes hard as a stone, a rupture of the implant, or an unnatural breast shape can occur.

Breast surgery specialist, Kim Ing Gon of Apgujeong Feel Plastic Surgery located in Seoul Apgujeong stated, " In order to obtain good results with breast molding, first check the pain, recovery time, and side effects after actual breast surgery rather than costly. We need to check precisely how safe it is. "

(24)Look and Me Plastic Surgery Clinic

Lee, Seung-chan Lee, the chief of the clown ... Safe and Fast Responsible Surgery


Cheekbones, square jaw, facial contour specialist, 10,000 patients facial contour patient operation, surgical equipment university hospital grade, 16 years unrequited, representative director 1: 1 counselor responsibility, beautiful implementation with quick and safe operation, The highest peak of treatment

Look and Me Plastic Surgery Clinic is a specialized facial contour clinic that has performed on more than 10,000 patients with facial contours such as cheekbones and square jaws. In the 16th year of the facial contouring procedure, Lee 's surgical procedure can be minimized according to the patient' s facial skeleton, and the patients' satisfaction is high. In particular, patients and doctors are consulted on a one-on-one basis, and the responsibility for surgery is the principle of Look and Me Plastic Surgery Clinic. The nerves in the face, the jaws and muscles areas where the teeth and bones are gathered require general anesthesia and skilled surgical techniques.

The new president, Lee Seung Chan has the time compared to conventional cutting and metal fixation time, relieve pain, faster recovery features. Non-cutting, non-fixed manner is placed in line after osteotomy the cheekbone surgical scar incision in the front with sideburns so it is less noticeable, made 1cm in front of the ear, and the cheekbone part is taken out in a a 45 degree angle. "I do not have to worry about sagging muscles and balls because the side clown wrapped around the periosteum after surgery is fixed in line with the osteotomy line," he says.


Lee said, "The operation take around one hour, and the bones are mostly in three weeks. Square-jaw, V-line surgery is the most difficult operation in the area where the nerves and blood vessels are concentrated, so you should take a good look at the safety system of the hospital and the competence of the doctor. "

(25)Choi Hee Youn Plastic Surgery

Global know-how of foreign body removal surgery ... Minimize side effects


Professor at university hospital 20 years Removal of foreign body and surgery, 15 years after opening of office for foreign matter injection and side effect research, Industrial liquid silicone, paraffin, illegal filler Facial nerve and removal of foreign body without major vascular damage

Complications following injection of foreign body or filler include foreign body granuloma, chronic inflammation, skin discoloration, skin necrosis, and nerve paralysis. Recently, the damage has become widespread and serious. Complications of foreign body injections are also likely to cause skin necrosis, facial paralysis, loss of sensation, and severe facial deformity. For this reason, surgery to remove foreign substances without damaging the facial nerve and major blood vessels is one of the most difficult operations during plastic surgery.

Choi Hee Youn Choi, a professor at the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, was a professor at a university hospital.

 During his 20 years of service, he was responsible for the removal of many foreign objects and surgery. After 15 years of operation, we have devoted ourselves to researching side effects caused by injection of all kinds of foreign substances. They have accumulated unique know-how in removing foreign substances not only in Korea but also around the world. Based on this, they are doing their best to minimize the side effects of surgery.


Choi said, "For decades, we have paved the roads that no one has ever taken, and have made the roads of the thorny pasture a smooth road that people can carry. But I am not satisfied with it, and I will continue to do my best to make the safest and comfortable way. "

(26)Magic Dermatology Clinic

The End King of Acne Scar and Redness Therapy


More than 10,000 acne and acne scar treatment know-how including acne inflammation control and early flushing treatment, customized treatment of acne scars, sebaceous shrinkage, and sebaceous dissection using high frequency insulator. SNS word of mouth visits US, China, Japan Singapore, Norway, South Africa, Arab, Thailand

Magic Dermatology Clinic is located in front of the Seoul subway Seolleung has been in the medical mecca of beauty treatment for more than 15 years in the heart of Gangnam, dermatologists and cosmetic treatment area after the establishment in 2001. Is it that? Many people from Singapore, Norway, South Africa, Arabia and Thailand are looking for patients, as well as patients from the US, China, and Japan on word of mouth and SNS.

Jang Hoon-yong and Choi Ji-hoon of the Magic Dermatology Department treat the acne as an early treatment of inflammation and flushing to prevent patients suffering from red marks or scars that remain after acne. Acne scars that have already developed are customized according to the type of scar. When the patient first visits with acne, the skin types such as oily, dry, sensitive, resistant, and pigmented are measured through questionnaires and skin care, and optimized results are obtained by applying appropriate treatment methods to each skin.


With more than 10,000 acne and acne scarring experiences, Magic Dermatology has developed a specialized deep scar regeneration that will treat not only the surface of the skin but also the deep scarring of the skin from 2014. It uses air pressure to push up all over the skin to cool off parts, and the rugged surface of the skin is the principle of making skin smooth and laser-cutting lasers and regeneration-promoting lasers.

(27)Art Line Clinic

1: 1 Responsible Care for liposuction, facial lifting, skin treatment


It has the know-how of stable liposuction of face liposuction, whole body liposuction, thread lifting, technology transfer to overseas medical staff, development of treatment content for various purposes, popularization of Korean medical skin care and pioneering of overseas medical market

In times when appearance is one of the most competitive, face is big. In order to be seen for a while, the face must have some weight, which is likely to be dull if it is a double jaw or if the face line is rugged. Artline, located in Apgujeong, Seoul, specializes in liposuction, skin care, and lifting, and has earned a reputation for providing safe procedures with long experience and know-how.

Art Line Clinic is synergistic with double-lip liposuction and thread lifting. The thread lifting inserts the medical room on the skin, pulls up the swollen face to revive the V-line, and the double jaw liposuction does not remove the bones, but makes the jaw line slimmer to see a 2 in 1 result. In addition to the liposuction and thread lifting program, the thread under the skin exhibits various effects. By inserting a harmless thread in the dermis layer, it pulls stray skin and improves elasticity.


The Art Line Clinic director said, " Art Line Clinic allows personalized lifting in accordance with the patient's skin condition, thickness, elasticity, degree of sagging, wrinkles and age range will give the most satisfactory results. 1: 1 Responsible Care Management is being implemented to ensure total management of lifting and skin treatment. "

(28)Jo and Park clinic

Sublimation with semi-permanent make-up art


Korea's first semi-permanent make-up clinic, 97,000 operations after opening, natural eyebrow expressions on the face, white, black, Asian skin color combination know-how, use KFDA genuine imported color pigment,

Jo and Park clinic (Representative Director Kim Young-shik) is Korea's first semi-permanent make-up clinic with eyebrows, eye lines and lips Jo and Park clinic

received patent rights related to the first semi-permanent make-up technique in Korea, and since then, has operated about 97,000 cases since its opening. Known as the first permanent semi-permanent makeup artist in Korea, Cho, Sung-hee accurately grasps the characteristics of a person during eyebrow tattooing and expresses natural eyebrows on his face. It combines make-up with new trends to match individual skin characteristics and draws with safe KFDA genuine imported coloring.

The semi-permanent make-up of Jo and Park clinic is characterized by making the natural tone and light of the skin through natural make-up directing as if it does not seem to make-up. Seung Hee Cho, a semi-permanent make-up artist, has technical know-how of color mixing that matches the skin tones of white, black, and oriental people. The wrong semi-permanent procedure turns red after 1 or 2 years after the procedure, or changes color like a tattoo color. Semi-permanent cosmetic rehabilitation cases are also unique in that number.


Seong - hee 's semi - permanent cosmetic surgery expresses the latest trend and' naturalness' which is not unrealistic or artificial. Here, they cover individual defects such as asymmetry by semi-permanent make-up technique and add harmonious and safe semi-permanent make-up using safer coloring and sterilization products while adding three-dimensional feeling to the face.

(29)Miz Love female urology Clinic

Urinary disease, sexual function, vulva


Specialized medical treatment for female urology including female urogenital diseases, specialization of female urinary incontinence, cystitis, hematuria, urinary tract infection, female urethral syndrome, expansion of scale in 2017, vulvar skin disease clinic, checkup clinic, sexual clinic, bladder pain clinic, bladder botox Clinic, Incontinence and Women's Plastic Surgery Center

Miz Love female urology Clinic, the first female urology department in Korea, took a leap forward with the expansion of the scale in 2017 and the establishment of advanced medical treatment system in the field of female urology. Miz Love female urology Clinic established for female urological diseases and sexual function treatment specializes in female urology diseases such as cystitis, hematuria, urinary tract infection, female urethral syndrome.

In addition, Professor Kim Kyung-hee provides specialized and comfortable medical care for all aspects of women's urological diseases including the vulvar skin disease clinic, including the clinic for the vulva, sex clinic, bladder pain clinic, bladder botox clinic, incontinence and women's plastic surgery center is.

Surgical treatment is necessary for patients who need surgery, and non-surgical treatment is available for patients who do not need surgery or need surgery. In addition, magnetic therapy and biofeedback treatment for urinary incontinence prevention, sexual function improvement, and the like are provided. Urinary incontinence is a disease that many women experience during childbirth and aging changes.


In the case of urinary incontinence, the only female urology department that can perform ReeMix (TRT) surgery for endogenous urethral sphincter deficiency and recurrent urinary incontinence other than conventional TVT and TOT is the first clinic experience of Needless sling introduced in July 2009 In 2015, they have already achieved 5000 cases of incontinence surgery.

(30)First Urology Clinic

‘3S Endoscopic Enlargement’ of Male Genitals


3S endoscopic penis enlargement, 20,000 male enlargement procedures, use of growth factors from dermis, fat, stem cells and blood extracted from patient's tissues, Jae Young Kim direct director, customer satisfaction responsibility system, providing private waiting room, operating personal information security system

Founded in 1997 with the motto of "Great satisfaction, long impression, new life opens," First Urology has focused solely on men's surgery, including penis enlargement. In particular, '3S endoscopic penis enlargement', which Kim Jae-young received as a US patent, is considered to have opened a new era of male enlargement surgery.

This procedure is a cutting-edge procedure that solves the problems of conventional penis enlargement dramatically. The procedure is performed through a very small incision (about 0.5 cm) enough for the endoscope to enter. The growth factor is extracted from the dermis, fat, stem cells and blood extracted from the patient's tissue. There is little scar (no scar), the procedure is short and simple, the treatment is finished with a single visit after the procedure, and safe '3S procedure' without side effects.


The high satisfaction of the surgery is due to the scarring or side effects and the maximal engraftment, so the enlarged penis is kept almost as it is, and it is enlarged naturally enough without any sense of foreign body.

"We are not satisfied with our current performance, but we will continue to do research and clinical work to restore men's self-esteem, which has been reduced by various sexual dysfunctions and complexes," said Kim.

(31)S Dine Dental Clinic

Accurate diagnosis, abundant know-how and thorough follow-up management


Implant, Correction, Integration, Conservation, and Anesthesiology. Understanding of the condition of the alveolar bone (gum bone) of the patient during the dental implant procedure, gathered together with the medical staff to establish the treatment plan

S Dine Dental Clinic has been operating for 9 years since 2008 with the vision of " S Dine Dental Clinic who is happy with customers, staffs and doctors". Implant, orthodontic, integration, conservation, and anesthesiologists are in charge of each department. Especially, for the patients who need comprehensive treatment system as well as the implantation procedure, the medical staffs in each area of ​​the clinic gather together to form a treatment plan and to treat them professionally and carefully.

Implants are not only expensive to treat, but are also difficult to re-treat if problems arise after the procedure, which is also very costly, so the physician's proficiency and clinical experience are important. S Dine Dental Clinic is aiming for safe and stable operation based on accumulated know-how accumulated over many years.


In addition, advanced medical equipment such as advanced CT (computerized tomography) and digital panoramic imaging equipment provide a personalized treatment optimized for patients. By operating the self-ceramics room in the hospital, it is possible to make an optimized implant prosthesis for each individual, and to perform quick and accurate pre- and post-management. The guarantee system for implant surgery and thorough follow-up care is also a strength of S Dine Dental Clinic. After the treatment, a patient management system is established for lifelong management and regular follow-up management is carried out.

(32)Boston United Dental Clinic

16 years of know-how the highest level implant ... Lifelong primary goal


They have developed a system for diagnosis and treatment of oral cavity using various medical equipment such as dental implant, orthodontic treatment, tooth molding, cavity diagnosis, and 3D CT. The principle of minimally implanting implants to maximize natural teeth, Lifetime primary care 1: 1 personalized care

Boston United Dental Clinic has been a representative dental clinic for the past 16 years with the motto of "Trusted medical services, healing treatment, love for neighbors" based on a pleasant medical environment. Dr. Il-Kyung Han is in charge of medical treatment for each area such as implant, orthodontic treatment, tooth molding, and tooth decay clinic, and professional dental hygienists with national certification status provide quality service. Prof. Han Il Kyung studied implant at the Boston Dental College. The advantage of implants is that they do not have gum restoration such as natural teeth, gum bone preservation, satisfactory aesthetics and long life, and no damage to surrounding teeth. The procedure consists of oral diagnosis and treatment planning, primary surgical implant placement, secondary surgical superstructure exposure, prosthesis manufacturing and installation, maintenance and management.

"It is a good implant procedure to have an accurate balloon diagnosis, less pain and hemorrhage, faster treatment time without side effects, and careful follow-up care."


Boston United Dental Clinic has the principle that the natural teeth of the individual patient should be kept alive as much as possible and the minimum necessary implant should be placed. In addition, at Boston United Dental Clinic, 3D CT and a variety of advanced medical equipment are used for precise examination and analysis to find the area of ​​treatment, and appropriate treatment methods are given to the patients who are not afraid and do not care. In addition, they will thoroughly introduce a clean system for infectious disease prevention, customer-oriented 1: 1 personalized care, and reliable lifelong care.

(33)Lime Tree Dental Hospital

Orthodontic treatment to reduce natural teeth and period ... Seven medical staff


The seven orthopedic surgeons in the fields of orthodontics, implants, aesthetic prosthesis, whitening, and cavities are able to select the most suitable orthodontic appliance and treatment method for the patient's condition through a three-dimensional analysis system, Speed ​​Nocturnal Correction '. Up to 20 total implants per day

This year, the Lime Tree Dental Hospital, which has been in operation for 13 years, provides high-quality medical services through the cooperation of 7 medical staffs in each field such as orthodontics, implants, aesthetic prosthesis, whitening and cavities.  In cooperation with government offices and NGOs, we have also continued to provide medical services to vulnerable groups at home and abroad, as well as medical vulnerable areas, and have been leading the way in social contribution.

The lime dental clinic has a system that can select the most suitable orthodontic treatment and treatment method and optimize the treatment through a three-dimensional analysis system such as V-ceph. One of the noteworthy aspects of the orthodontic treatment of the lime dental clinic is the 'Speed ​​Nocturnal Correction'. By using the self-ligation bracket, the treatment period is reduced by about 6 months, the molar teeth are bundled together, and the teeth are moved through a special screw and wire.


For this reason, there is a great deal of interest in patients who are afraid of extraction or who want a faster orthodontic treatment. However, depending on the condition of the individual, the treatment plan and the period may be different, so it is better to orient the treatment through consultation with a large number of experienced medical staff. Meanwhile, the Lime Tree Dental Hospital has also shown an impressive success in implant surgery, including the early introduction of HA implants that have strong binding properties to bone.

(34)Good Face Choi Byeong kee Dental Clinic

FDA-approved tooth-articulation for full body health


Choi Byeong kee, President of the World Dental Prosthetic Society, announced the 'Anti-aging effect of CBK Splint' US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) -certified skull balance occlusion safety device (CBK Splint) Improves body health by balancing and stabilizing the interlocking of teeth by putting it in the lower teeth during sleep.

Good Face Choi Byeong kee Dental Clinic is a dentist who has studied dental occlusion and general health. CBK Splint has been awarded FDA certification by the US Department of Health and Human Services. The device, which has already been patented in May 2014, is fitted to the lower teeth during sleeping and exercise to balance and stabilize occlusion. This device, called 'CBK Splint', improves the health of the whole body by maintaining balance between the hormones and the cerebral, spinal and nervous systems that are linked to dental occlusion as well as dental health. The CBK splint must undergo fine adjustments on a regular basis in the dentistry to ensure complete occlusal stability.


Choi's study of skull balance and stability of dental occlusion was also included in the textbook of occlusal studies. Abnormal occlusion is a major cause of gum disease. If the occlusion is not right, the muscles are twisted and twisted as the teeth are engaged and receive a lot of force from one side. This has a bad influence on the gum, and it also exacerbates the gum disease. If the occlusion is distorted and muscle twisting occurs, the skull is broken, and the brain and spinal cord are affected. Thus, dental occlusion also affects the whole body's health and immune system. Choi received the attention of the world dental department with the announcement of 'Anti-Aging Effect of CBK Splint' at the 18th World Congress of Dental Prosthodontics in Seoul in September 2015. The conditions of general health that Mr. Choi presented at this place are the right spinal posture, tooth occlusion, abdominal breathing, mind control, eating and exercise.

(35)Live Dental Clinic

The best of aesthetic prosthetic treatment, "I'm confident with a bright smile"


Two methods of tooth formation at Live Dental Clinic. Laminate procedure - thin out the outer surface of teeth that are uneven or damaged, and then finish with a ceramic tip. All Ceramic Zirconia - Remove all surfaces regularly and finish with ceramic on the zirconia cap.

Aesthetic prosthesis, also called "tooth molding", is a treatment that helps improve aesthetic and functional teeth in a short time. Typical treatment methods include laminates and all-ceramic zirconia. Laminate is a procedure to thin out the outer surface of uneven or damaged teeth and finish with a ceramic tip. It has little tooth damage, and can get a whitening effect as well as a sophisticated shape.

All-ceramic zirconia is a procedure that is performed when lamination is difficult to improve, when the front teeth protrude, or when the cavity treatment area is wide. In contrast to a laminate that minimally eliminates the outer surface of teeth, Cover with ceramic on top. "As interest in cosmetics continues to grow, interest in esthetic prosthodontics is growing not only in Korea but also among overseas patients," said Choi Jeong-woo, director of the dental clinic at the Live Dental Clinic. "In order to achieve satisfactory results, texture, and ratio should be customized treatment should be carried out, "he advised.


On the other hand, Live Dental Clinic, which has been shortening the production period and quality improvement of the prosthesis with its own operation of the institute, once again solidified its position as a medical institution attracting foreign patients by placing a global coordinator on each floor.

(36)Baekundang Oriental Medecine

A thirteenth-generation family-run giant of oriental kidney disease treatment


It treats Kidney disease by grafting twelve kinds of seeds such as Omiza, Toshiza, Kugija, Kosin, Reebok, Bokbunja, Kim, Young-seop, and a copy of the patient's medical history, and then go to the hospital where the patient was attending. Proof of improvement by numerical examination after treatment

In Oriental medicine, if its role is not effective, it does not accumulate moisture in the body and symptoms such as swelling of the body appears as hearing loss occurs, tinnitus, hair loss, loss of shine or gray hair may occur. Kim Young-seop of Baekundang Oriental Medecine

succeeded his thirteenth-generation family, rules the kidney disease by appropriately combining the Europium and 12 seeds. It is a resin that has condensed over hundreds of years inside a saprophytic tree which is a subtropical tree that lives 1000 years. It has a strong antibacterial power and it is effective for the prevention of various bacteria, prevention and treatment of various cancers, anti-allergic as well as kidney disease.


According to the book "This is an Awakening," written by Dr. Yong-seop Kim, "The eruption was imported during the Silla era, and as a privilege to use only wages in the Joseon Dynasty, hundreds of clinical results were returned to normal Is described. It is not easy to distinguish the nature and shape of the acuminate, so Kim comes directly from Vietnam and other places. Kim said, "The 12 seeds are good for the kidneys as well as the seeds such as Omiza, Toshiza, Kagujia, Koin, Reebok, the human seed is a sperm from the kidney. In other words, the basic concept is to use seeds from plants and human seeds to treat kidney disease. "Kim said, "Because kidney disease is difficult to cure, it is good to prevent it by diet. Cold food is the main culprit that lowers people's immune system.

(37)PIBRO Oriental Medecine Clinic

The treatment of ... Acne, scar, etc. Essential treatment


Acne, scars, scar, keratosis, hair loss, atopy, seborrheic dermatitis. Constitutional improvement based on traditional oriental medicine and skin treatment. 1: 1 customized treatment and prescription according to symptom type of acne invention cause

In 2006, PIBRO Oriental Medecine Clinic launched the PIBRO Oriental Medecine Clinic Network to showcase the excellence of herbal skin treatments by gathering dozens of medical practitioners from across the country who study and treat skin. The heads of Pibroan have grown up as a network medicine clinic that has accumulated many know-hows through many years of clinical research and has been treating acne, scars, keratosis, hair loss, atopy and seborrheic dermatitis.

changes when the abnormal symptoms that occur in the body are deepened. The main reason for the occurrence of acne is due to the problem in the body, so it is important for the treatment to be able to directly treat the balance and circulation of the body by penetrating into the body. According to PIBRO Oriental Medicine, the cause of acne varies from person to person, but it is believed that the cause of acne is caused by the phenomenon of weakening of the organs and deterioration of blood circulation, resulting in a 'low heat' phenomenon where the heat in the lower part of the body goes up.


In PIBRO Oriental Medecine Clinic, the problem is solved through herbal medicine. Herbal medicines are prepared according to the constitution and weakened organs, and prescription is made to improve the health and improve the skin by improving the constitution. The treatment method is not uniform, but consists of 1: 1 customized treatment and prescription depending on the patient's different symptom types.

(38)DMS International Co., Ltd.

Optimizing medical skin care Dermo cosmetic company


Since May 2000, the brand name dermaviduals® from KOKO of Germany has been launched. Leading Korean medical skin care market with its own developed Corthe® brand. Contributing to the establishment and development of hospital cosmetics market. Great response to Asian market including China

DMS International Co., Ltd.has been leading the Korean medical skin care market since launching the dermaviduals® brand of KOKO in Germany since May 2000, the earliest time of Korea's medical skin care industry. With its own developed Corthe® brand Together, they have contributed to the establishment and development of the hospital cosmetics market.

DMS International Co., Ltd. has introduced a product that is faithful to the theory of corneotherapy skin barrier that rebuilds the collapsed skin barrier and strengthens the defense, ultimately activating the living cell layer below the stratum corneum and thereby giving the skin its natural recovery. In addition, since its inception, to date, it has grown into a single distribution channel for the disease and clinic. In order to find out profit models of skin specialist clinics, a skin care management program is presented and monthly medical staffs are helping practicing medical skin care professionally by providing practical education. It also plays a major role in the supply and demand of illiteracy and clinics as well as lectures through industry-academia cooperation with universities.


DMS International Co., Ltd.’s expertise and long experience have been well received in China and other Asian markets as well as in its excellent product reputation. We expect DMS International Co., Ltd. to play an important role in the growth of exports of products and the establishment of Korean cosmetics.