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Tin Nhiếp Ảnh: Nag. Tony Lê Kim Thuận Và Huy Chương Vàng Nhiếp Ảnh Psa

27/01/201720:06:00(Xem: 2245)
Tin Nhiếp Ảnh: Nag. Tony Lê Kim Thuận Và Huy Chương Vàng Nhiếp Ảnh Psa


Nag. Tony Lê Kim Thuận và Huy Chương Vàng Nhiếp Ảnh PSA.

Orange County: Nhiếp ảnh gia Tony Lê Kim Thuận vừa nhận được huy chương Vàng tổng hội nhiếp
ảnh Hoa kỳ Photographic Society of America và giải danh dự CIEP PSA-FIAP trao tặng; ngày 28 tháng 1 năm 2017 ông Thuận đã nhận qua bưu điện. Có lẻ nhiếp ảnh gia Tony Lê Kim Thuận là người đầu tiên và cũng là người Mỹ gốc Việt duy nhất được vinh dự này vào ngày đầu năm tết âm lich Đinh Dậu 2017.





Đây là niềm hảnh diện chung của cộng đồng nhiếp ảnh nghệ thuật người Việt nam nói riêng và của cộng đồng nhiếp ảnh nghệ thuật thế giới nói chung. Được biết đầu năm Âm lịch ông Thuận đang điều hợp hướng dẩn đoàn ICS (Mỹ) và ICS international affiliated sinh hoạt nhiếp ảnh ở các vùng viển đông Far-East nhiều tháng; và chuẩn bị hướng dẩn phái đoàn ICS international system (www.icsphoto.us) tham dự hội nghị nhiếp ảnh thế giới Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique tại Bắc Kinh vào tháng 8/2017 do hội nhiếp ảnh nghệ thuật Trung quốc tổ chức theo chương trình hoạch định sau đây: Shandong Province, Aug.6- Aug.17, 2017
Day 1 (August 6):Beijing
00:00-24:00 Whole day picking-up. Shuttle buses free of charge from airports to the hotel. Whole day hotel check-in. Lunch and Dinner at the hotel. (English, French,German and Spanish translators and volunteers)
Day 2 (August 7): Jinan
06:00 Buffet Breakfast at the hotel. 07:00 Take bus to Jinan after the breakfast. 12:30 Arrival at Jinan. Hotel check-in and have lunch at the hotel . Hats, T-shirts, photographic coats, badges, hand bags and schedule brochures will be distributed at the hotel. (Note: A flash drive will be distributed to each participant and please copy 30-50 photos that you take in Shandong during the meeting in the flash drive. On Aug.15, all the flash drives will be submitted to the organizing committee. All collected photos will be used for exhibitions and publications.) 13:00 Lunch at the hotel. In the afternoon, the participants are free to tour Jinan or have some rests at the hotel. 17:30 Provincial and municipal leaders meet the FIAP president, vice presidents, general-secretary, and the directory board. 18:00 Welcome banquet of the Jinan Municipal Government. Please wear formal dress or elegant.
Day 3 (August 8): Jinan
06:30 Buffet breakfast at the hotel. 07:30 Bus to the Quancheng Square. 08:00 Opening ceremony at the Quancheng Square which is named “International Artistic Square” by the UNESCO. 08:30 We will admire a majestic cultural show including traditional Drum Yangko Dances, martial arts, cheongsam and so on. 12:00 Lunch at the Hotel. 13:30 FIAP Directory Board holds FIAP Delegates Meeting at the Hotel. (International Meeting Room of the hotel.) Photographers will visit Baotu Spring, Daming Lake, Qushuiting Street, Hundred Flowers Street, Furong Flock Street, Kuanhong Ancient Street. You will also have chances to watch some folk performances there. 18:00 Dinner at the Hotel. 19:00 Watch singing and dancing performances at night.
Day 4 (August 9): Jinan
07:00 Buffet breakfast at the hotel. 08:00 Take bus to Shandong Art Museum to attend the opening ceremony and awarding ceremony of the four exhibitions: Global Photo & Video Exhibition of World Heritage Sites on the Belt and Road, Exhibition on China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, FIAP World Cup and Exhibition on Classic Works of FIAPPhotographic Masters.
Municipal leaders, FIAP Directory Board and the organizing committee will grant the awards to the photographers. 11:00 Visit the Shandong Museum nearby. 12:00 Lunch at the hotel. 14:00 Take bus to Taian. Visit the Dai Temple and you are free to take photos of local Kongfu, clay figures making, paper-cutting, shadow-puppy performance, tea-making, and other traditional folklore performances. 17:00 Check in at Taian’s hotel. 18:00 Dinner at the hotel. 19:30 A great historic and folklore show is waiting for you after supper.
Day 5 (August 10):Taian
06:00 Buffet breakfast at the hotel. 07:00 Take bus and the telpher to visit the world-known Mount Tai: world cultural and natural heritage. We will participate a peaceful praying ceremony and a grand welcoming ceremony at the 1,500 meters elevation. During the visiting, you are free to take photos of traditional folks performances, and natural landscapes and humanities. 12:00 Lunch at the Mount Tai. 13:00 In the afternoon, there will be a ceremony to grant Mount Tai the title of “World Photographers Creation Basis”. You will have more time to take photos of the ancient temples and majestic mountains. 15:00 Then we will take the telpher back to the foot of the Mount Tai. 18:00 Back to the hotel and have supper at the hotel. 19:30 After supper, there will be a famous and grand performance called “Honoring Emperors Ceremony”, which has a history of 2000 years.
Day 6 (August 11): Qufu
06:00 Buffet breakfast at the hotel. 07:00 Take bus to Qufu and visit the World Cultural Heritage: Temple and Cemetery of Confucius and the Kong Family Mansion. (Confucius is the great philosopher, politician and educator of the 6th–5th centuries B.C.. His thoughts have widely enlightened the western philosophers.) 13:00 Check in at Qufu’s hotel and have lunch at the hotel. The lunch will be special Confucius Family Food. 14:00 We will visit the generations of Confucius. We will also have chances to watch the Confucian culture performances including calligraphy, Kongfu, Taichi and Tea Ceremony). 18:00 Dinner at the hotel. 19:00-21:00 Free time to feel the night of Qufu ancient city.
Day 7 (August 12):Zibo
06:30 Buffet breakfast at the hotel. 07:00 Take bus to “China Pottery City” Zibo. 10:30 Visit the glass factory of 1000 years old. We will have chances to see the process of glasses making. 12:00 Lunch at the hotel. 14:00 Take bus to “China Silk City” Zhoucun. We will visit the famous ancient street in Ming and Qing Dynasty, the port, the silk factory and watch all kinds of folklore performances. 17:00 Check in at Zibo’s Hotel. 18:00 Dinner at the hotel.
Day 8 (August 13): Qingzhou, Qingdao
06:30 Buffet breakfast at the hotel. 07:30 Take bus to Qingzhou and visit the Qingzhou Museum where we will see the well-known stone sculpture completed 1500 years ago in Song Dynasty, which is called as “Eastern Venice”. Also, there are various artistic performances and folklore activities waiting for you. 12:00 Lunch at the hotel. 14:30 Bus to Huangdao, Qingdao. Photograph fishing Village and seascape. 16:30 We will pass the famous JIaozhou Cross-sea Bridge which runs 40 kilometers. 17:30 Check in at Qingdao’s hotel. 19:00 Dinner at the hotel.
Day 9 (August 14): Qingdao
06:00 Buffet breakfast at the hotel 07:00 All photographers can freely choose one of the following Route. Route No.1 will visit the famous Daoist holy mountain Laoshan and typical fishing villages. You will also visit the World Horticultural Exhibitions in Qingdao. Lunch at local restaurant. Route No.2 will visit the most beautiful village Diaolongzui and the ancient district of Qingdao, Beer City, Seaside and so on. Lunch at the local restaurant. 16:30 Back to hotel and have some rests. 18:00 The Grand Honoring Ceremony will be held at night. Various awards will be distributed by the FIAP Directory Board, the Organizing Committee, Shandong Provincial and Municipal leaders at the ceremony. It will be a great time for everybody. Please wear formal dresses and elegant. Also there will be grand performances after the ceremony. Famous singer Yu Lina sang the “World Photography Song” specially composed by famous composer Wang Liping for the 5th FIAP Photo Meeting.
Day 10 (August 15): Beijing or Guizhou Province
06:00 Buffet breakfast at the hotel. 07:00 Some delegates will take bus back to Beijing and some delegates will fly to Guizhou province for further plans. The optional program will be enclosed. Lunch boxes will be prepared.
Day 11 (August 16): Beijing
07:00 Buffet breakfast at the breakfast. 08:00 Take bus to the Great Wall. Lunch boxes will be prepared with fruits. 15:00 Back to the hotel and free time to visit Beijing. 18:00 Dinner at the hotel.
Day 12 (August 17): Beijing
Whole day seeing-off service. Shuttle buses free of charge from the hotel to the airports.
Optional Program Guizhou Province
Aug.15- Aug.22, 2017
Day 10 (August 15)
07:30 Buffet Breakfast at the hotel.
10:30 Bus to the airport and take flights to Guizhou Province. Lunch boxes will be prepared. 13:30 arrive at Libo, Guizhou Province. 17:30 Hotel check-in and have dinner at the hotel.
Day 11 (August 16)
07:00 Buffet breakfast at the hotel. 09:00 Attend the award ceremony “Year Photography Contribution Prize” and watch some folklore performances. 12:00 Lunch at the Hotel. 15:00 Photograph at World Natural Heritage Da Qi Kong Scenic Spot 19:00 Welcome banquet of the Libo’s government
Day 12 (August 17): Libo
07:30 Buffet breakfast at the hotel. 08:30 Photograph at China South Karst--Xiao Qi Kong Scenic Spot 12:00 Picnic. 14:00 Photograph at Yaoshan Ancient Village which has a lots of historic legends and mysteries. 18:00 Dinner at the hotel.
Day 13 (August 18)
07:00 Buffet breakfast at the hotel. 08:00 Photograph at Maolan Nature Reserve and Raogu Village where Buyi People (ethnic group)’s live. 12:00 Picnic. 14:00 Photograph at Jiangfeng where Buyi people (ethnic group)’s live and watch some local folks performances. 18:00 Dinner at the hotel.
Day 14 (August 19)
07:30 Buffet breakfast at the hotel. 08:30 Visit Miao People’s living areas and photograph their traditional weddings ceremony and other customs. 12:00 Lunch at the hotel. 14:00 Photograph Jiabang Terrace and Sacrifice Ceremony of Yao People 18:00 Dinner at the hotel.
Day 15 (August 20)
07:00 Buffet breakfast at the hotel.
08:00 Bus to the airport. Lunch boxes will be prepared.
14:00 Fly back to Beijing 17:30 Check in at Beijing’s hotel and have dinner at the hotel.
Day 16 (August 21)
07:00 Buffet breakfast at the breakfast. 08:00 Take bus to the Great Wall. Lunch boxes will be prepared with fruits. 15:00 Back to the hotel and free time to visit Beijing. 18:00 Dinner at the hotel.
Day 17 (August 22)
Whole day seeing-off service. Shuttle buses free of charge from the hotel to the airports.
Nhiếp ảnh gia Tony Lê Kim Thuận chia sẻ tin tức đến các hội viên hoạt động, lệ phí tham dự là double room: 815USD/người, Single room: 1005USD/người. Vé máy bay Ộng Thuận liên lạc đặt mua với giá vé rẻ hơn giá thị trường. Ông Thuận hiện là chủ tịch danh dự hệ thống hội bạn ảnh quốc tế ICS Image Colleague Society, International; xin liên lạc: QueenRose Le (714) 460-3205; Châu Le (858)204-0044 để biết thêm chi tiết. ICS website: www.icsphoto.us


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Khoảng giữa tháng 06/2019, Tổng thống Hàn Quốc Moon Jae-in và tổng thống Phần Lan Sauli Niinisto đã thông qua thoả thuận hợp tác để phát triển mạng 6G. Bên cạnh đó, cả hai nước cũng thông qua quyết định thắt chặt hợp tác trong mảng 5G và trí thông minh nhân tạo.
Khoảng giữa tháng 06/2019, Google đã âm thầm bổ sung thêm công cụ đo tốc độ trực tiếp trên Google Maps, cho phép người dùng có thể theo dõi tốc độ đang di chuyển của xe bên cạnh giới hạn tốc độ.
Hai thiên hà hùng mạnh trong ảnh đang kéo nhau ra. Được biết đến với cái tên Thiên hà Con Chuột vì chúng có cái đuôi khá dài, mỗi thiên hà xoắn ốc lớn đã thực sự vắt ngang qua nhau.
Khoảng giữa tháng 06/2019, theo trang Android Authority, nhà mạng AT&T của Mỹ đã quyết định hủy toàn bộ đơn đặt trước sản phẩm màn hình gập Galaxy Fold do Samsung chưa thể chốt ngày bán ra chính thức của thiết bị. Nhà mạng AT&T đã gửi mail tuyên bố hủy đơn hàng dù trước đó họ từng cho rằng có thể giao máy từ ngày 13/06/2019.